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Casey BlakeJoburg – I am known for being able to have difficult sex conversations at the dinner table, as if we were talking about the weather.

I am the go-to person for parents who actually want to have sex conversations with their children, both protective and informative – through my workshops and speaking events. I provide guidance on how to have age appropriate conversations without the typical awkward that accompanies ‘the talk’.

The sex edutainment sessions (sex toy parties) I run are known to be the most relaxed and informative out there. Even you will feel comfortable while learning how to handle a vibrator in public.

As a registered counsellor, I am well known for all things sexuality and gender related, with many of my clients wanting to unpack different aspects of their identity and orientation in this cissexist heteronormative world.

In my practice, I am constantly talking to people who are *only now* learning about their sexual autonomy, and it breaks my heart. Too many people have negative sexual experiences as their introduction to sexual activity, which often influences how they experience their sexual lives, until they realise pleasure is a thing.

Find out about upcoming ‘Tools for having the talks’ workshops.

I see too many people who think their natural sex drives are too much, and that there is something wrong with them for their natural levels of desire.

At least once a week, if not more, I find myself helping a client unpack experiences of slut shaming and/or victim blaming.

Sex positivity/self-empowerment is important to me, because without it, too many people get hurt, and are having negative sexual experiences.

Many of the negative messages from society come from our parents, who more often than not, with the best of intentions, perpetuate problematic messaging about sex and sexuality. This contributes to slut shaming and rape culture. This is why I created my workshops, to help parents become more aware of the implications of some of innocent and protective messaging they unintentionally perpetuate.


Reach out to the women in the field who you admire. We are all just trying to make sense of this world, send that DM. Some of my best friends are sexuality giants whose social media personas were intimidating. I finally got the courage to DM them, and my life is much richer for it!


The projects I’m working on:
Tools for Having The Talks – workshop series for parents and caregivers. This is about empowering parents with age appropriate information and communication techniques to start having conversations with their children about bodies, touching and sex. I am working on getting my Tools for Having The Talks Series onto a webinar platform, so that parents can attend my workshops from anywhere in the world. Until then find out more about the workshops on the Tools for Having The Talks Facebook Page.

Sex edutainment for adults – these are sex toy parties incorporating pleasure, condoms, toys and all the sex education we wish we had earlier. Contact me for more info.

Body Positive Parenting – This is Facebook group for parents who want to continue the conversations from the Tools for Having The Talks. It’s also a space for parents to ask their body-based parenting questions, and share their experiences and concerns in a space where body-positivity is the goal. Check out the page here.

Sexuality and Sexual Health Counselling – Whether you want to speak about sexual difficulties, want to improve upon your partnered intimate and sex life, or want to speak about anything that is making you nervous about your sexuality. Thinking about moving away from traditional monogamy, and want a safe space to talk through the different relationship paradigms (polyamory, swinging, open relationships etc)? Find out more about this here. 

Got questions about transitioning, traumatic experiences or need a facilitator through the difficult questions, connect with me through any one of the points listed below.

Connect with me here:
Facebook: /WhatNowCounselling
Twitter: @CaseyBlakeSA
LinkedIn: /casey-blake

Mail me here.


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